250x250warfareAfter the Third World War, massive earthquake and tsunami caused by nuclear weapons created a large vortex in the heart of the world, tearing continents into countless islands. When the dust settled, everything went quiet, marking the beginning of a new era. It is a world of war and death dominated by four countries: America, Russia, Germany and China. All other factions are just struggling to stay alive. Now fighting has spilled over into your home island. You have no choice but to take up arms and embrace this chaotic world.

Play Warfare and crush your foes and smother your enemies!

Game Features

Warfare is a war-themed strategy/RPG/simulation web game. Players can choose from land, air, and sea forces. Each force has four types of soldiers (Heavy, Ranged, Assault, Assist) and three types of units (vanguard, center guard and a rear guard). Players can mix and match armies and use their different abilities to cope with different situations and enemies.

Players can also develop their island, build up forces, then come up with the ultimate strategy against the terrorists of the Dark Alliance and others who would see the world burn. Players can also recruit different historical figures from foreign countries, challenge other generals, battle against dungeon bosses, and even compete with each other to see who’s the best!

Countries and Factions

America: With its powerful economic strength, America advocates the political policy of freedom and independence.

Germany: Its Rose Parliament leads the world in advanced technology and keeps a tight grip on global military development.

China: With its unique advantages in resources, China has managed to become a rising star in the international arena.

Russian: Located in the desolate and harshly cold North, Russian is taking every effort to develop its military power and secretly wishing to dominate the world again (we’re keeping an eye on you Russia).

Fifth Independent Alliance: Mostly formed by mercenaries, this group consists of several independent islands and is controlled by a single dictator. Their forces spreads over the central sea area, with main activities including smuggling of ammunition, drugs, and human trafficking.

Unknown:An secret and underground power that is against the extensive use of mechanical strength and advocates the idea of a free universe – one which doesn’t rely on machines. They constantly attack every country’s military stronghold and technology R&D center.

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